September 20, 2017

We Have Free Hugs To Give…

 whooooooa I think this means this is one of the recent favorites of our good friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking, lets see what he has to say about the new release of the Frank Kozik Free Hugs Bear.
Free is most certainly for me.  You’ve got a box of free kittens?  I’m into it (literally if the box is big enough). Your place of business offers free Wi-Fi?  I’m gonna be all up in your bandwidth.  So when I heard Kidrobot was producing something called Free Hugs, I was prepared to latch on to the point of it being uncomfortable.  But this time Free Hugs has nothing to do with the embrace of an over exuberant stranger and has everything to do with the crazy kaiju bear of your dreams.
    Frank Kozik has been teasing us with pictures on his social media accounts of this dude for awhile now, but it’s only been this past week that I’ve been able to see one in person.  And let me tell you, this is by far my favorite release of the entire year.  Free Hugs is the perfect combination of vintage squeaky toys and Japanese monster figures and the level of detail in the sculpt is something you have to hold in your hands to appreciate.  Just don’t hold it too close to your face, because that thing on its belly may or may not try and lay eggs in your eye lids.  I wouldn’t mind though, cause the babies would probably be really cute and I think I’d make a great monster dad.  I’d take them to the zoo, and play catch with them, and unleash them onto unsuspecting coastal cities.  I’m nothing if not supportive of my monster children’s interests.
This ten inch tall figure is is a wonder of modern vinyl craftsmanship and can bring a much needed dose of creepy/adorable to your collection today at

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