HugMe Vibrating Plush by Kidrobot

Kidrobot HugMe Plush Toys - Shake action when you hug it. Shake action when you clap.

Kidrobot brings you some plush buddies with a little action!ย  Introducing the all-new HugMe shake action vibrating plushies from designer art toy creator Kidrobot. These large 16-inch tall, premium plush characters not only shake when you hug them but also when you clap. Yep, that's right! Your favorite characters have been brought to life in a new vibrating plush form that disturbs and delights with characters like Chucky, Stitch, Pennywise, Ghostbusters Slimer Plush, Deadpool Riding a Unicorn, and more. Collect all these huggably terrific stuffed animal-like friends to bring your fantasies to life at

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