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Blind Boxes

Do you love the surprise and delight of opening a blind box art or toy figure?  There's nothing like the feeling of opening a blind box and getting the super rare chase piece or the figure that you were hoping for.

Kidrobot was one of the first to create blind box collectible art figures originally created to preserve the rarity and collectibility of the figure inside. The joy and excitement, the element of surprise have all remained at the core of what we do.  Within each blind box we also added the element of a sealed foil bag to make it truly a collectible piece that you can't cheat with xrays or by unboxing alone. Since our early days other brands have attempted to duplicate the joy they got with offering blind packaging and blind boxes have taken the world by storm. 

The contents of each blind box remains a mystery, even to us which adds to the surprise and delight of opening them.  Our blind boxes make awesome gifts for every occasion and we have something for every person on your list! Instead of getting them a lottery ticket, get them limited edition blind box artist series mini toys, blind boxes from the newest limited edition Dunny series or mystery characters from their favorite TV Show, Movie or Video Game.  Browse all of Kidrobot's blind boxes, blind bags,  mini series and blind keychains now at

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