Brandt Peters

Brandt Peters DC Comics Harley Quinn Art Figure by Kidrobot

Hailing from from a family of uber ‘antique’ collectors and artists, Brandt Peters eclectic upbringing was surrounded by deviant cartoon alter egos, folklore and indigenous expression, ancient amusements, archaic playthings, and old timey toys… His aesthetic embodies and contemporizes the wild retro essence of the ‘Slap Stick’ era with surreal images and characters that balance on the edge of darkness and light and belong in your sweetest nightmares. Kidrobot and Brandt Peters have worked on dozens of projects together over the years. Some of the most recent Kidrobot x Brandt Peters projects include the Lucy Curious Dark Harbor Art Medium Figures and Dark Harbor Mini Figure Series by Brandt Peters and his talented wife Kathie Olivas, "The 13" GID Dunny Mini Figure Series, original "The 13" Dunny Mini Figure Series, the Lord Strange 8" Dunnys, The Night King Art Toy and many more.