What is a MUNNY?

MUNNY World Blank Customizable Art Toys by Kidrobot

In MUNNYWORLD, you can do anything you want!

MUNNY, BUB, TRIKKY, RAFFY, and ROOZ are the soft, super smooth vinyl figures that make up MUNNYWORLD. Each one is a blank canvas, and all ready for scribbling, piercing, painting, posing, piling, dressing up, and sculpting into forms straight from your imagination.

Or you can keep them just as they are.

See how great you truly are. Do amazing things and create more than ever before. And, most importantly, have fun with MUNNYWORLD!

A MUNNY is a figure created by Kidrobot and made out of vinyl with movable joints. The figures are blank and the owner can decorate them using pens, pencils, markers, paint, and other supplies. Alternatively, some people commission artists to design Munnys for them, or artists design them to sell. The initial idea was undertaken by taggers/ street artists/ street art designs and toys from (illegal artists) who have come to bring back their work legally to the public to display their works.


The original MUNNY is white in color, stands 7 inches tall, and weighs about 1 pound. All series include the 7 inch MUNNY with the white MUNNY as the featured doll in the series.

Other variations of the doll are:

  • Micro MUNNY - same shape as the original MUNNY, but stands 2 inches tall. These were released in October 2012 and come blind-packed along with Foomis, Raffys, and Trikkys. Colors include red, yellow, white, cyan, and blue.
  • Mini MUNNY - same shape as the original Munny, but stands 4 inches tall, originally released in February 2008. It was released in colors blue, white and pink. The mini Munny comes packaged with one accessory, a "My Name Is" sticker, and a marker.
  • Mega MUNNY - same shape as the original Munny, but stands 18 inches tall and weighs several pounds. Mega Munny is available in white, teal, pink, and yellow. Although Mega Munny does not include any accessories, Mega Munny includes a practice sheet and a coloring book.
  • Mini MUNNY Mobile- Mini Munny Mobile is a car which includes 1 white Mini Munny. Like the doll, the car is made out of vinyl. The car can seat one Mini Munny, has rolling wheels, and a windshield.

Other Munny items

  • Sterling Silver Necklace - a 925k sterling silver necklace shaped like MUNNY. The Munny charm stands 1 inch tall.
  • Crayons and Markers - a set of MUNNY themed markers and crayons.
  • Skate Deck - a skateboard deck featuring the phosphorescent MUNNY on the bottom of the deck.