Kidrobot teams up with artist Whatshisname on a new 8" Dunny! With artworks and sculptures that intrigue and surprise, Whatshisname is one of the most ironic names out there for an artist. For over fifteen years, Sebastian Burdon has been taking the creative industry by storm as a contemporary artist specializing in sculptures, prints and public art projects.

The Polish-born artist started creating his first digital art at an early age of 7 while using the iconic Atari 130 XE, building image pixel by pixel using the text editor, an art from which is currently known as pixel art. After moving to London, UK in 2006, Sebastian worked with variety of British artists as an assistant, helping fulfill their creative visions, while being mentored and refining his craft before embarking on a solo career as professional artist. Outside the UK, Burdon’s work has gained acclaim, having been featured in major cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Singapore. His often playful and provocative but surprising perspective and pop-inspired style earn him positive attention and praise.