Doktor A

Mechtorians Mini Series by Doktor A

UK-based artist, Bruce Whistlecraft (A.K.A Doktor A) is best known for his retro-botic characters, the Mechtorians, a world of Victorian Futurist style inhabitants of a fantastical realm where humans play no part.  Kidrobot and Doktor A have worked together on many designer art toys in the past including the Talking Board 5" Dunnys (2017), the Ironclad Decimator 8" Dunnys (2012), Professor Teslastein 3" Dunny from the 2Tone Dunny Series (2010), the Self-Stoking Flunky Engine Dunny from the Dunny Series 2010 (2010), and the Greenman 3" Dunny & Rupture 3" Dunny from the Ye Olde English Dunny Series (2009).

Having exhibited for many years in gallery shows around the globe, the Doktor’s works have found homes in high profile private art collections and new pieces are highly anticipated. Bruce has worked in many fields in the advertising and entertainment industry, as well working as a “blue-sky” concept designer with a leading UK toy development company.  This experience combined with his eight years as a gallery owner have combined to make him the unique artist he is today. Unlike many other artists in the “art-toy” world, Doktor A is a toy maker turned artist.