American Gross

American Gross Josh Kimberg, aka American Gross, is an award-winning creator who, for the past twenty-seven years, has worked as a sculptor and entrepreneur. After studying art at NYU, he got his start as a founding member of the nomadic collective known as Triple XXX Art in 1994. This early experience led Josh to form Bullseye Art, a multimedia company, which went online in 1996 and launched Metermaker and The Cave—early experimental interactive web art experiences. Josh created an early web classic art journey known as The Woodcutter, which was conceived and launched online in 1997. Bullseye Art became well known for its humor with cutting edge cartoons, such as Porkchops, Miss Muffy and da Muff Mob, Rat Chicken, and others. These progressive art projects led to multiple Emmy nominations and projects with people such as Aerosmith, Phish, Nike, Showtime, VH1, MTV, and more.