March 27, 2023

Which Magical Dungeons & Dragons Creature Are You?

The Monster Manual has been a sacred text of Dungeons & Dragons ever since the first edition. It's a bestiary of creatures both good and bad, along with all the information you could possibly need in an encounter. Sure, you've filled out your character sheet and picked your class, but have you ever wondered where you'd fit in amongst the so-called monsters?

Well, pull up a chair and grab your favorite set of dice. (No, seriously, you're gonna need a D20. Or you can let Google roll for you.) Kidrobot is here to guide you on a magical journey to learn more about yourself and these mythical creatures.

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Pick a D&D Class.

What's one of your greatest skills?

What's one of your biggest flaws?

If you could pick any superpower, what would it be?

In a vault overflowing with loot, what catches your eye?

Would you consider yourself honest?

When you're upset, where do you usually look for comfort?

Pick an unorthodox pet.

Choose a place to explore.

Now it's up to fate! Roll a D20—and no cheating!

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