November 03, 2017

The Transformers vs GI Joe Medium Figure & Pins Officially Online!

Here’s another blog post about our first release for the Transformers vs G.I. Joe Cobra Commander medium figure and pins release….. Cobra commander is the scariest evil dude in the history of cartoons and Kidrobot has brought him to life like never before via a new vinyl figure.  Why do I find him so scary you ask?  Well, you never saw his face because he either had that chrome helmet or a hood on, which made my imagination run wild as to what he really looked like under there.  The possibilities were endless and certainly not normal.  And he was always yelling in that raspy voice like he was everyone’s step dad and they didn’t cut the grass like he told them to.  He had some good ideas though.  For one, naming your bad guy organization COBRA was pretty cool and they had a great logo which means the gift shop at the Terror Drome probably did brisk business.  And he was tenacious despite not having what one would call “the most success” at out gunning his adversaries.  But people still followed him because he was a leader, which anyone can be when things are going your way, but a true leader is defined by his actions when the odds are not in his favor.  And by how quickly he can escape and regroup.  There was a lot of escaping going on.
    This version of my favorite cartoon bad dude is taken from the popular Transformers vs. G.I. Joe comic series that combines two of my all time favorites together to create the ultimate amalgam of nostalgia.  This is as epic as whoever decided to pair cereal and milk or peanut butter and jelly or crime and punishment.  I won’t tell you which two Cobra Commander is most familiar with, but spoiler alert: I heard he is lactose intolerant.
   This medium figure looks menacing and don’t be surprised if he leads your other toys in some sort of rebellion over control of your house.  Even in vinyl, he is quite persuasive.  Have him teach you his secrets of motivational speaking today by picking him up at

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