February 10, 2017

The new Bad Tina Medium Figure available online now!

Bad Tina Medium Figure

Whoa! Don’t have a crap attack, you know, a crap attack…don’t…have…one…because she is finally here! Yup! It’s finally time.  Kidrobot is proud to announce the release of the Bad Tina Medium Figure! So throw on your favorite strawberry lipgloss and buy yourself something nice.. like the new Bad Tina right here!

Bad Tina Medium Figure


We’ve all been there, that dark place where all we care about is impressing the new person who may be crazy enough to become our friend. We all remember the time where we bend our parents rules to impress someone because the cost of a few extra minutes or a texts isn’t worth your entire reputation at school. That’s where Bad Tina comes in.. this piece serves not only as a conversation piece for any and all people who come in your home and are obsessed with the entire Belcher family but as a reminder to be 100% your weird self everyday and totally be ok with it. We are so happy that we can give you the chance to wake up and come home to Tina Belcher. Tell Tina all about your day, tell her what happened with your loved ones or maybe share stories about your most recent erotic fiction you’ve written, Tina wont judge you and neither will we!

This figure comes wearing Bad Tina’s scandalous outfit with her shirt slightly off the shoulder for ultimate badness, her cheeks slightly rouged and her pony tail off to the side, like the real bad girl she is. She stands still with her exotic stare and a small notebook in hand filled with her Erotic Friend Fiction she will hold tight in her hands..or read aloud over a microphone with no shame. Grab your own Bad Tina online at www.kidrobot.com and in select retail stores now and keep your eyes peeled for more Bob’s Burgers releasing soon on Kidrobot.com!

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