September 19, 2017

Pinning and Winning Series 2 Is Here

    Show your love for Kidrobot with the new Pinning and Winning Series 2 that is available on now! If you’re still not sure about that, you can start by reading another awesome blog brought to you by the one and only There’s lots of ways to show your love for Kidrobot.  You could dedicate entire rooms of your house to collecting our art objects.  Or you could tattoo your favorite toy on your body in a permanent display of devotion.  But there’s another way that doesn’t involve you having to laser remove that Dunny from your neck when you decide a career as a lawyer would suit you.  All you have to do is grab a handful of these from our Pinning and Winning series 2 and no one will ever doubt your love for all things Kidrobot.  Featuring tons of designs, these blind boxed pins will help you customize your wardrobe in ways our forefathers could never have predicted.
   Collect them all at

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