February 08, 2017

Kidrobots Dunny Lamp Available NOW!

Dunny lamp

Light up your life a little with the new Large 20-inch Dunny Lamp!…Here to explain why you should get yourself one is our favorite, Chris Holt, aka The Toy Viking!

    Cancel your planned trip to that Swedish discount store because Kidrobot has a better way to light up your living space.  This is the second time these giant 20 inch Dunny lamps have been offered and shockingly (gotta love an electricity joke, am I right?) there are still some up for grabs.  These are only available to ship in the United States and as an American I know you’re all gearing up for tax time.  Take those W-2s to the tax man, get your refund check direct deposited so you receive it faster, and treat yourself to a piece of home decor that would seemingly be reserved for the Hollywood elite.  Just picture the next time you’re entertaining guests and you show them this bad boy, glowing like the North Star and keeping your company captivated for hours courtesy of a wireless remote that can change the colors with the press of a button.  It might not be magic, but it also might be.  

Dunny lamp

    Order yours right now at www.kidrobot.com before they’re all gone and you have to cry about it in the dark.  

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