March 30, 2018

Kidrobot x The Horrible Adorables ShareBear Available Online Now!

Kidrobot x Care Bears Share Bear

Sharing is Caring and this Care Bear by the Horrible Adorables is definitely sharing! We are happy to announce the final release of the Kidrobot X Care Bears Female Artist Figures. Today, the Share Bear by our lovely friends Jordan and Chris (aka The Horrible Adorables) released on with ultimate cuteness. We connected with Jordan to ask a few questions about this piece and where this Care Bear might find itself living… check out what she had to say!

Kidrobot x Care Bears Share Bear

1. Care Bears are a big nostalgia play for people… what types of movies or things did you grow up with?

I loved anything and everything that had to do with animals. I was obsessed with My Little Ponies, Littlest Pet Shop, any Disney movie that had animals as the main characters (especially The Lion King), and of course Care Bears!

2. A lot of things that are done by The Horrible Adorables have the repeated patterned? Where did that originally come from? What aesthetic do you think it brings to the pieces?

My background is in textiles and I have a passion for repeat patterns. For my freelance work I get to create patterns for surface design, and in my personal style I like to clash as many patterns as I can in my outfits. When I started creating Horrible Adorables, it only seemed natural that my love of patterns would make its way into my sculpted forms. I used the scale pattern as a clever way to seamlessly cover organically shaped sculptures with felt and over time it has evolved into the defining look of Horrible Adorables. I think it brings playfulness, whimsy, and so much color to the work.

3. It seems like each side has a different expression, can you give a small backstory to the characters why they are doing that?

I decided to go really out there with the design of Share Bear. She is quite literally sharing her body! I thought about the internal struggle of being Share Bear and always being expected to share… even if she doesn’t really want to. One twin is smiling, ready to share her lollipop, and the other is frowning because she really just wants to keep the treat for herself! I have been referring to them as ‘Share Bear’ and ‘Doesn’t Want to Share Bear!’

4. Where would this Care Bear live?

Share Bear lives in a place where double rainbows color the sky, every bicycle is built for two, and all popsicles are made as twin pops that can split in half and shared with a friend.

5. Your art and figures are usually cloth and different fabrics… are you happy with the way your piece translated into vinyl?

I am extremely happy with how my piece turned out! I love that the scales are dimensional and all of the texture on Share Bear. It was also a nice opportunity to add more illustrative qualities to the design. Typically all of my original sculptures feature realistic glass eyes, so it was fun to bring my drawing style into this piece especially in the eyes and facial expressions!

6. The Care Bears Medium Female Art figures were given as a chance to show off some of the female artists we work with to show not only their kick ass creativity but how well they can translate to something everyone knows! What’s it like to be a female artist in an often male dominated field? What does being a part of something like this mean to you!

Being a part of this series is a dream! Not only for the fact that Care Bears is one of my all time favorite childhood shows, but I also deeply admire all the other women chosen for this series. I’m proud to show off my art in a male dominated field, because my perspective and style is innately unique. It’s formed from my experiences of being a creative woman and I think my voice as an artist is worth hearing. There may currently be less women in the scene, but celebrating female artists through series like these will help encourage more young girls to pursue the arts.


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