August 22, 2017

Kidrobot x The Adult Swim Pins Available Online Now.

We all are part of the hype, and even if you aren’t you still understand the importance of the Adult Swim in current day. We’ve given you the medium figure and the mini series without realizing that something was missing so here is Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking to tell you about todays new Adult Swim release…..

Are you a fan of deviant animation?  Are you a fan of adorning your clothing with shiny things like you’re a human magpie?  Than does Kidrobot ever have the perfect thing for you with this Adult Swim enamel pins series!!!!! Featuring 14 of your favorite characters, these blind box pins are fun to collect, trade, and show your love for those late night toons.  Personally, I want an entire shirt made of Squidbillie pins that I can wear like a suit of armor into battle!!!  If you know of any battles please share because I’m having a hard time finding them where I live.


These are available now at

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