February 08, 2019

Kidrobot x Sanrio Hello Kitty Art Figure By Quiccs

Kidrobot x Sanrio Helo Kitty Quiccs Art Figure

Been waiting patiently for the release of the new Kidrobot x Hello Kitty Quiccs figure? So HAVE WE! Here to say a little more about the release is our good friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking.  

Is there any designer toy artist hotter than Quiccs right now? He just had a solo show in the United States and can barely release enough new figures to satiate his growing fan base. For his next vinyl endeavor, Kidrobot has challenged him to take his signature urban robotic aesthetic and merge it with the world of Sanrio, with the results being this super adorable and super unique version of Hello Kitty.
     She’s been a lot of things throughout her life, but I don’t think Hello Kitty has ever been a street wear loving piece of machinery. I can imagine this figure being a personal guide that you could rent while at the airport in Tokyo. She would handle all of your translation needs, take you to the coolest spots, and be more than able to carry the literal mound of souvenirs you’d want to bring back with you. Kinda like the cutest little sherpa you’ve ever seen, though don’t expect her to climb any mountains and risk getting her shoes dirty. They’re limited edition.
      Standing at 8 inches tall, this futuristic icon is available now at www.kidrobot.com.  

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