May 04, 2017

Kidrobot x Johnny Draco x Loupe

Johnny Draco - Adulting

At Kidrobot, one of the greatest things is that we don’t just say we love art, we mean it. So we make art that pushes, inspires and reacts with you. Behind the scenes at the Kidrobot office our design team is made up of some of the coolest people you will meet and one of those lovely humans is Johnny Draco. Setting the bar for all those who enter the visual art battlefield…he came to us from Atlanta, Georgia and kills it at his job. Outside of the hours of 9-5pm Johnny Draco works to create art and designs with bold lines and color contrast to highlight perspective and play tricks on the mind. Most recently, Johnny has been featured in Loupe’s art installation feature at the Atlanta Airport and we’re stoked. If you are one of those people who enjoys bold art or has a pretty decent appreciation for whats good these days, be sure to check out his website 

Not sure what Loupe is? Glad you asked! Loupe is a streaming company that makes hectic space into a visual art experience. Want to learn more? Visit their website or be sure to follow them on Instagram.

Johnny Draco - Adulting

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