February 22, 2022

Kidrobot x Andy Warhol “Andy” 20-inch Dunny drops in 1 HOUR – Only 15 pieces

Kidrobot Andy Warhol 20" Dunny

Kidrobot’s new 20” Andy Warhol “Andy” Dunny goes live for pre-order today at 10am MT / 12pm ET!

In collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation, Kidrobot is issuing just TWENTY carefully crafted 20-inch Dunny sculptures in honor of the artist behind so many of the most recognizable pieces of modern art. This sculpture is based on a famous 1965 photograph of Warhol in sunglasses and a striped shirt.

All previous limited-edition Warhol 20-inch Dunny art pieces have sold out immediately upon release.

Each Dunny sculpture is made of premium fiberglass with no articulation and is hand-painted in North America using high-quality paint for enhanced clarity and long-lasting quality. Packaged in a premium Kidrobot x Andy Warhol wooden crate with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The Andy Warhol “Andy” 20-inch Dunny is limited to 15 pieces worldwide. Kidrobot.com exclusive. $2500 USD.

Kidrobot Drops Andy Warhol 20″ ANDY Dunny Sculpture Celebrating the Wonderful Life of Warhol

To view the currently available Warhol line, please visit the Kidrobot x Andy Warhol collection.

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