January 24, 2017

Getting to Know Yummy World: Lemmy Lemonade!

The magical town of Sprinkle Tree is home to all the Yummy World characters. It’s a colorful world where this unique cast of characters whip up adventure and fun everyday! Little by little we want you go get to the know all the Yummy World friends to find out which Yummy World friend is your favorite!


Lemmy Lemondade

 Lord of the Manor and the Duke of wit!

Lemmy Lemonade always has a sparkle in his eye and is always the coolest, most sophisticated in the bunch! Bringing him to any party will create freashly squeezed friendships and fun! Lemmy Lemonade and more of his Sprinkle Tree friendships are available at www.kidrobot.com/collections/yummy-world.


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