September 15, 2017

Andy Warhol Is Here!

        Here we are with another release brought to you by the one and only Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking!
The thing I love about Kidrobot the most is that we are making art accessible to everyone.  No matter where you live you can fill your home with work that inspires you or that just makes you happy to look at.  And you never know just when something will strike you and suddenly become an important part of your life, which brings me to my story today about Andy Warhol.
   A friend of mine took his wife and son to a museum and the little dude was not thrilled.  He would have rather been at a water park, or a demolition derby, or whatever it is that kids like that doesn’t involve old paintings.  Every room seemed more boring than the last until they found themselves in the modern art section.  There he saw a few of Andy Warhol’s screen prints and was immediately transfixed.  He examined every details of the canvases and demanded to know everything he could about them.  When they were finally able to pry him away he demanded to go back to take a picture for his cell phone’s wall paper. Since his visit he was able to obtain coffee table book featuring Warhol’s work and it has instantly become his prized possession.
    That is why these objects are so important, as just a mere glimpse can unlock an entire world that you barely knew existed. Or for those of us that are firmly in love with art already they can take that passion in entirely different directions.  Wow, things got a little deep there.  Let’s go ahead and take a look at the newest releases from our Andy Warhol collection.
    The original collection of Andy’s Polaroids focused on actual human beings while this second series is comprised of every day objects.  Well, not every day in the sense that you have them laying around your house, but if you happen to you are definitely my kind of folks.  These would look perfect framed or kept as is so you can shuffle through them whenever you need a moment of inspiration.
    Under normal circumstances it is frowned upon to hug a work of art.  Museums have high tech security systems ready to strike if you even think about getting handsy with the pieces and security guards that want nothing more than to body slam you in front of kids on a field trip.  This 20 inch Dunny allows you to fulfill the need to be close to art without the risk of bodily harm and expensive restoration fees.
   The Campbell’s Soup can is one of Andy Warhol’s most recognized works and now you can bring it home in Dunny form.  This 8 inch Masterpiece figure comes packaged in a window box offering you multiple options for display.  Or you could just send us pictures of your house and with our patent pending algorithm we will tell you the mathematically perfect place for it (not really).
  All three are available now at

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