October 16, 2017

Throwback to Amanda Visell’s Scaredy Labbit!

Scardey Labbit
For today’s Throwback Thursday, we’re gonna kick it (semi) old school with Amanda Visell’s Scaredy Labbit.  This poor bunny is easily spooked by all sorts of things.  For me personally I’m terrified of heights, but only in weirdly specific situations.  I don’t do well with stairs that you can see through, you know the ones that don’t have the boards behind each step. Tall buildings also freak me out, but I’m totally ok with mountains, maybe because they’re like still being on firm ground technically.
     In honor of today’s subject, let’s take a look at some other phobias and their names that no one can pronounce:
Xanthophobia – fear of the color yellow
Nelophobia – fear of glass
Altophobia – fear of heights (hey, that’s the one I have)
Ophidiophobia – fear of snakes
And the best one of all is Allodoxaphobia which it the fear of opinions
    If you’re not suffering from that last one, you should listen to my opinion of how awesome this Labbit is and how it will enhance any place you put it.  Just not too close to the window, there’s a lot of scary stuff outside.
Scardey Labbit
    Pick one up now at www.kidrobot.com.

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