September 12, 2017

The New Yummy World Large Plush Now Available

Good things take time… we are sorry for how long it took to get the new Yummy World plush from the creative designers dreams to your arms but we kinda aren’t because the best things in life take time. The new Yummy World Large Plush is here for you to hold, love, and gift to those who deserve it. Don’t believe us? Just read what the trusted Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking has to say about todays release…

This mixture of Yummy World Plush looks like the kind of dinner you think as a kid that you’ll get to eat once you’re an adult.  For years my comeback whenever anyone told me to do something was “I’m an adult and I’ll eat cookies for breakfast” but I never really followed up on it.  One time when we first started dating my wife and I stopped at a convenience store to get snacks for a long drive and I have never been more worried that someone would throw up in my car.  She bought corn chips and chocolate cupcakes and ate them both one after the other.  Separately they are both quality choices, but together they seemed like something that would create a perfect storm in her belly.  I was completely sure that I was going to be doing a lot of driving with my windows down, but to my surprise it was a non event.  Rarely has a feet of human daring impressed me as much.

The great thing about Yummy World is that they are plush, so you can mix and match them all over your house without the fear of crippling digestive issues.  Use em as throw pillows, or calming buddies in a thunderstorm, or gifts for those loved ones who are culinary adventurers.


These zero calorie cuties are available now from

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