October 19, 2017

The Nature of Limited Edition Collectibles

Limited Edition Kidrobot

Kidrobot is the premiere creator of limited edition collectible art pieces and art toys.  The nature of limited edition pieces is that they are limited in number which increases collectibility and demand.  Kidrobot’s limited edition collectibles can range in production run size based on the artist, design and demand for the piece.  Over the last few years, Kidrobot has curated custom collections of extremely limited pieces hand-made by artist from across the globe with the intention of continuing to bring art to life and give emerging artist a platform to bring their art to Kidrobot’s dedicated collector community.  Many of the artists that we have worked with have created masterpieces on the Dunny or Munny platform that are nearly impossible to recreate in a production run because of the intricate detail of their artistry or difficult to reproduce sculpting.  In some cases, our team at Kidrobot.com commissions one of these artists to create an exclusive collection of one-of-a-kind hand-made custom art pieces to be offered to collectors on Kidrobot.com.  This in turn provides artists with a platform of hundreds of thousands of people who appreciate creativity while also bringing our audience fresh new and emerging artists with the hope of promoting a thriving art community.

With any limited edition collectible, there are only a small number produced which can lead to extremely frustrated collectors when demand outweighs the quantity produced.  This is even more relevant when the collectible is a one-of-a-kind piece.  Unfortunately, extremely limited edition pieces offered through a website like kidrobot.com have the potential to leave many collectors with a great deal of disappointment when the item sells out before they can purchase it.

How does the sale of limited edition pieces work on Kidrobot.com?

So how does the sale of limited edition pieces work on Kidrobot.com?  Basically, the website works on a somewhat of a first come, first serve basis but more specifically, the first person to complete check out wins the item. What this means for someone shopping on the website is just because you were one of the first people to see the item on the website or even to add the item to your cart, this does not mean that the item is safe by any means.

Tips to Complete Checkout Quicker at Kidrobot.com

What can you do to better prepare for the sale of limited edition items on Kidrobot.com?  Here are some tips to complete checkout quicker.  Note that these will not guarantee that you will get the item.

  • Since the website works so that the first person to complete check out wins the item, what can you do to complete checkout quicker?
  • On the day of the item release, set your alarm clock to 20-30 minutes before the item is set to release.
  • Remember that Kidrobot release times are based on MT, Mountain Time.  This means if the item goes on sale at 10:00am MT and you live on the East Coast of the USA, you need to expect the release at noon your time.
  • Make sure you know where on the site the item will show up so you aren’t sitting on one page and the item shows up in another.  Most new items will show up at the top of the Kidrobot New Arrivals page, however, some custom series will only be available on the specific artists page at Kidrobot.com.  Make sure to keep an eye out for blog posts and emails providing you with the specific link for the product or collection page.
  • Login to your Kidrobot account before the items go live.  If you do not have an account, sign up for one and save all of your billing/shipping information before the items go on sale.  This will make it faster to complete checkout.
  • Check out with a credit/debit card instead of Paypal or Amazon Pay since Paypal and Amazon Pay take you away from the sites checkout page.
  • Refresh the page!  Most internet browsers will not automatically refresh the page when the item goes on sale.  You will have to press the refresh button on your browser to reload the page when the items go live to populate the page with the products.

Risks of Buying/Selling Limited Edition Items

In an ideal world, every item we sell will be available for purchase, ship quickly, arrive in perfect mint condition with packaging in tact and everyone will be happy.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of limited edition items, there are a variety of issues that can occur along the way.  While we work hard to anticipate and proactively prevent problems related to selling limited edition items, a variety of issues can arise from website and backend system glitches to product quality issues to overselling issues to packaging and shipping issues.  Please understand that this is just the nature of offering limited edition items.

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