June 27, 2017

The Kidrobot Dunny Plush Available Online Now!

This isn’t the first but it may be the finest. We loved the 20-Inch Dunny Plush in white we were just WAITING until we could finally release in black! Now online for all your cuddling needs, the Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking tells you all about the new 20-Inch Dunny Plush in Black that released today on Kidrobot.com…..Finally, something I can cuddle thats as black as my heart!  I talk a tough game, but in all reality I’m just as soft as this 20 inch plush Dunny.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still randomly suplex you for fun, but sometimes I just want to cover myself in stuffed animals and watch Saturday morning cartoons.  And how much fun would it be to put those home economics skills to good use and customize one of these?  You could do some sick embroidery tattoos, or cover him with those google eyes that are never not funny.  Or just leave him as is for those times when you’re all alone and you just want to hug something cause the world is being a butt.  Dunnys never judge.


Pick up your new bestie at www.kidrobot.com

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