December 02, 2016

NEW Mad Balls Keychains Available Online NOW!

Mad Balls Keycahins

Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking is back and this time he is here to spread the world about the new Mad Balls Blind Box Keychains!

Madballs are back, baby and Kidrobot is leading their charge into the twisted hearts of a new generation with these key chains.  Attach a few to your janitor-size bundle and freak out your mom when she washes your jeans, your mechanic, ninety percent of valet parkers and anyone who tries to borrow your truck so they can move.  Cause of course you’ve got nothing better to do than lend your vehicle out so it can constantly be filled with your friend’s garbage and then get paid in pizza for your troubles like its a viable currency. Yeah, freak those guys out real good.  

  These dudes come blind boxed and are available right now on  Mad Balls Keycahins trlcg035_05 trlcg035_06

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