February 14, 2017

Mad Balls Foam Balls Series Now Available!

Mad Balls Capsual

Complete the gross for one, gross for all nostalgic Mad Balls capsule…and get yourself the new Mad Balls Foam Ball Series available online now at www.kidrobot.com and here to tell you about them is our favorite, Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking! 

Squish em, squeeze em, throw them into rooms full of breakable objects (don’t try and send me the bills, I’ll lawyer up) whatever you do just have fun with these new foam Madballs from Kidrobot.  They’re  just like the classics you remember, or if you’re too young to have experienced them the first go round then what better time than now to make some great memories with the grossest toys ever.  I still owe my mom for a vase after winging one of these at my brother.  I was hoping to pay her back with how proud she was of me, but she keeps bringing up the cash, and I’ll never pay it down with her loan shark like interest rates.  

  Not to mention these make great last minute Valentine’s Day gifts!  I can’t think of a better way to tell that special someone you love them than with a giant blood shot eyeball, but I’m what’s known as the romantic type.  Get em now at www.kidrobot.com

Mad Balls Capsual

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