April 10, 2017

Labbit Appreciation Day One! Scott Tolleson Pipkin Labbit

Pipkin labbit faces

  Oh happy week! Labbit Appreciation Week has just started and we are kicking it off with the celebration of siblings, sorta like the Pipkin Labbits! Here is all you need to know about Day one of Kidrobots Labbit Appreciation Week brought to you by Chris Holt aka the Toy Viking:

 Not only are we kicking off Labbit Appreciation week, but today is also National Siblings Day, so we at Kidrobot are celebrating both with Scott Tolleson’s Pipkin Labbit.  Wouldn’t other holidays be so much easier if you could just go around combining them? First and foremost merging Christmas and Valentine’s Day would do wonders for bank accounts around the world.  And I’m all for Columbus Day and Leif Erikson Day coming together in an epic battle of who discovered America.  That would actually make them both kinda fun, with reenactments of their epic voyages by costumed enthusiasts.  Come for the historically accurate food trucks, stay for the non-sanctioned cage match of two of the world’s greatest adventurers!  

    I couldn’t even imagine these two having a disagreement.  They go to the optometrist together, shop for sweaters together, and discuss the finer aspects of quantum psychics together, which makes them a hit with the rest of the family at the dinner table.  Especially their brother who now demands to be referred to as Skull Lord and left college to pursue his career as the world’s first heavy metal performance artist in Time’s Square.  There’s nothing quite like seeing a grown Labbit in corpse paint eating stacks of pancakes without syrup in an effort to expose the trappings of a capitalist society in the pursuit of true enlightenment.  It’s pretty deep.  

   Add these adorable siblings (not Skull Lord) to your collection today at www.kidrobot.com and keep the appreciating going, because this is only day 1!!!!! 

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Pipkin labbit faces

Labbit Love 1

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