July 12, 2018

Kidrobot’s Throwback Thursday: Jack Shiffa Dunny by Shiffa

Kidrobot’s Throwback Thursday! Let’s see what Dunny our good friend Chris Holt aka the Toy Viking has for us this time! YEEHAW! I bet, if you had a trash bag full of wallets that you recently acquired from sticking up a diner, and this Dunny from Shiffa told you to give his back to him, you’d have no problem figuring out which one it was.  He’d then proceed to teach you a thing or two about why his wallet was emblazoned on the outside with the words Bad Hombre.  He loves to share.

This is Jack, and he’s as mean as he is accurate with those double revolvers.  He was one of the original five inch Dunny vinyl figures that Kidrobot created and this exclusive sepia version is still chilling on www.kidrobot.com waiting to shoot his way into your heart.  In a figurative sense of course; he’s actually been attending anger management classes in an attempt to live his best, non violent life.  And he started painting as a way to connect with those deep abandonment issues he’s carried with him since he was a child.  I think it best to keep your constructive criticism about his art to yourself.


Throwback Thursday always means that something cool and very relevant will be unleashed upon the world tomorrow.  What could it be?  Check back to find out.



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