March 07, 2019

Kidrobot’s Throwback Thursday: City Cryptid Dunny Mini Series

Kidrobot City Cryptid Dunny Mini Series

Let’s talk about monsters! We all know they lived before our time, but some still stand behind the idea they walk among us in this day in age whether they have fangs, scales or are simply human is debatable. Here to talk about some of our favorite monsters from the Kidrobot x City Crytid Dunny Mini Series is our good friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking!

   Tomorrow, Candie Bolton’s first ever eight inch Dunny from Kidrobot will be unleashed upon the world. If it looks familiar to you that’s because this design debuted as part of the City Cryptid Dunny series released last year. Curated by Scott Tolleson, each Dunny represents a famous folk monster with a modern twist: they got jobs.
     No matter who you are you’ve got bills to pay, and terrifying people at nightfall is not very lucrative. You can’t put a price on the fun you have doing it, but try telling that to the cable company when they cut the service to your secluded lair. Living in a cave is bad enough but not being able to DVR your favorite shows is just barbaric. 
    Scott and Candie are joined by the artistic stylings of Skinner, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Lee, Greg “Craola” Simpkins, Charlie Immer, Alex Pardee, and Tara Mcpherson in this collection of mythological misfits.  These are available now at

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