August 15, 2017

Kidrobot Labbit T-Shirts Available Now

We know the root of Kidrobot comes from supporting Art that may not be mainstream and making the right apparel to support that. So not only can you be a part of something thats on display in our home, you can wear it. Kidrobot is working on bringing back that style and to start we are releasing the new Labbit T-Shirts. Lets let Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking tell you how he feels about our new release..
I like Labbits and I’m forced to wear shirts, so Kidrobot has created the ideal setup for me with this trio.  I’d wear shirts anyway even if it wasn’t considered the decent thing to do because people running around bare chested in the summer always weird me out.  I totally get that it’s hot and you’re just looking for a bit of relief, but is removing your shirt really making that much of a difference?  Is it just cause you want to wear it again and not have to wash the sweat stains out first?  I’m the kind of guy that will wear his shirt at the pool despite the ridicule I face or the chance that my water logged band tee could make the act of swimming a dangerous proposition.  Not cause I’m really self conscious about how I look (I am) but because my skin burns like I sweat kerosene.  And you would think I’d get tan as a result but no, it just peels off and I think I’m actually paler than when I started.  If you are picturing a delicious piece of fried chicken before and after you take a bite, then you have the right idea.

The awesome thing about shirts is that you can put cool designs on them to express how you feel.  The exact opposite is true about pants, because the minute you add a cartoon character or logo to those you look like a crazy person.  Thankfully, Kidrobot has refrained from making Labbit branded jeans, and has instead made these three killer tee shirts.  With one click on you could update a good portion of your wardrobe and finally donate those ugly ones you got from Spring Break of ’99.  Your mom will be proud of how responsible you’ve become.


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