November 09, 2018

Kidrobot Holiday 3″ Dunny By JEC Available Online Now!

Kidrobot 3" Holiday Dunny by JEC package

Ringading ding go the bells as Halloween is out and the holiday season begins! Here is another bright and shiny blog by our good friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking as he gives his two cents on Kidrobot’s new 3″ Holiday Dunny by in house designer, JEC aka Julio E Carrillo… 

Kidrobot is celebrating the great tradition of over doing it at ye olde office Christmas party with the 2018 Holiday Dunny. Created by in house artist JEC (aka Julio E. Carillo), this 3 inch figure is unlike any snow globe you’ve ever seen. Featuring a partied out mini Dunny, tons of snow, and a few empty bottles, this is the most definitive result of tinsel strewn debauchery ever contained in such a small toy. What you don’t see are the questionable photocopies strewn about the office, Frank Kozik’s desk chair that didnt survive the impromptu demolition derby in the hallway, or the awkward human resources meeting everyone will have to have in a few days time. Literal chapters will have to be added to the employee handbook after this one.

    Like everyone’s answer when questioned how many drinks they’ve had, there’s two different versions for you to collect. There’s the regular fiesta blue colorway and a exclusive red and green edition that is limited to only 200 pieces worldwide. Get a jump start on your holiday shopping now at

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