May 05, 2021

Kidrobot Happy Hour kicks off NOW!

Happy Hour Pina Colada Plush by Kidrobot

Make every hour Happy Hour with Kidrobot’s new line of plush adult beverages! The first round is ready to ship now, and these two perennial favorites will definitely ease you through a day of meetings that could have been an email.

Piña Colada and Moscow Mule are available now, and more adorable additions to your liquor cabinet will be releasing throughout the year, paying tribute to the drinks that have nurtured and sustained us.

Each premium plush collectible is, like the best cocktails, lovingly crafted from top-shelf ingredients. They stand 10 inches tall and feature embroidered details and the Happy Hour “Pink Elephant” logo. Piña Colada and Moscow Mule retail for $29.99.

Introducing the Pina Colada Happy Hour Plush by Kidrobot!

Check out the Happy Hour line at, and follow Happy Hour on Instagram!

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