May 23, 2019

Kidrobot BFFs Mini Series 5 by Travis Cain

Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking:

The best (and most fun) friendships are often the most toxic, and nothing celebrates that fact better than Travis Cain and his BFF series. Can you believe this is the fifth incarnation of these guys from Kidrobot? It just goes to show how many pairs of friends are just terrible for each other’s well being. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fill your life with the wonders of companionship, it just means that you should not ignore the red flags that are smacking you in the face.

Friendships seem the hardest to obtain and maintain as an adult, as most of your time is spent either making money or worrying about whether you have enough of it. Spoiler alert: you don’t. Plus the free time you find yourself with usually involves things like taking out the trash, or mowing the lawn. I actually look forward to when repair people come over to the house, not because I’m looking to befriend them, but those hours spent waiting prohibit you from doing all the other things you magically find yourself responsible for. Can’t risk being busy and miss the doorbell, so I better play it safe in front of the tv elbow deep in a bag of corn chips. That would also be the perfect opportunity to have a friend over, though make sure you’re specific about them bringing their own bag of chips. Friendships can turn stale faster than a bag of snack food when a sacred boundary is crossed. 

There are 13 pairs of interlocking besties to collect in this series, with each set sold blind box style. The mystery in each package will rival that of what draws them together in such a beautifully tragic display of mutual destruction in the first place.  

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