May 11, 2010



The TOY TWISTER MIXER UPPER is back and ready to challenge your eyes and toy knowledge! Enter to win a 8-inch Cobbler Dunny by TADO! There are 6 assorted toys in this puzzle ranging from rare releases to mini series. So please be specific when listing toy titles, colors, sizes and names of artists. Email with correct answers by noon tomorrow (Wednesday May 12, 12 pm EST) to be entered in the drawing to win.

Good luck!

Congratulations to Gershwin P. aka Bluegreenkey for answering correctly and winning  the drawing for a new Cobbler Dunny!

1. Kidrobot 8″ Robo Dunny By DER
2. Kidrobot Bat Fighter Gnome Tic-Toc Apocalypse Mini-Series 3-Inch By Amanda Visell
3. Kidrobot Unicornasaurus (Grey) By Joe Ledbetter (8-Inch)
4. Kidrobot x Lacoste – Missouri Peecol By Eboy (3-Inch)
5. Kidrobot 16 Kidpunk 8-Inch : Selfridges UK Exclusive
6. Kidrobot Ganesh (Blue) By Doze Green

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