May 08, 2015

The Toy Viking takes on the Labbit!

This past week, The Toy Viking dedicated an entire work week to reviewing a plethora of Labbits, and besides the amazing reviews, he had us laughing in our cubicles the entire time.

Now if you want to see the full reviews and all the glory of The Toy Viking, you have to head over to his page, but for now we will give you a tasty Labbit appetizer.

The Labbit week starts off with our brand new Personal Happiness Labbit which went a little something like this:
“We’re gonna kick off this week by checking out the brand new Personal Happiness mini series.  There’s no better feeling than sitting in the floor with an entire case of figures and tearing into each one.  I wonder if there’s a career path in opening up blind boxes, because I can’t think of a job I’m better suited for.  I love mindless tasks, I love toys, and I like throwing trash all over the place.  I assume if I had this job that there would be another person responsible for cleaning up the boxes and foil innards.   Maybe I should bring that up during the interview process.”

This sets the fun tone for the rest of the week where The Toy Viking hysterically reviews:

The Joker Labbit

Prehistoric Labbits
Stache having Labbits,

and the ever so amazing Batman Labbit!

We also noticed that there was a definite cat theme going on which is perfect since Labbits and cats get along swimmingly!

Out of curiosity, we decided to pick The Toy Viking’s brain since it was in full Labbit mode!

What is your favorite Labbit of all time?
I’m gonna have to say that the 10 inch King of Rock Labbit from SDCC 2011.  He looks like he would be in an underground black metal band and know all the best places to buy pig’s blood in the tri state area.

What do you think the appeal of Labbits are?
What isn’t appealing about a Labbit?  If the world of designer toys was a high school, the Labbit would be the guy who drives a muscle car, wears a leather jacket, and spends more time in detention than math class.  But then on the weekends he volunteers at the local animal shelter because he loves to play with the kitties. (editor note: we told you they get along!!!)

What is a labbit you will like to see or the the next step in the Labbit-verse?
A Viking Labbit of course!  He could have a pretty sweet shield in his mouth, and a helmet with horns, and an axe, and a sword, and some bitchin leather armor.  Who wouldn’t want to own one of those?  I also love the licensed versions and think we absolutely need an Alien one ( the ears could be open eggs, and that little dude living in its mouth is the perfect cigarette stand in) and maybe Kratos from the God of War games.   Is there a job opening for “Head of Labbit Development” cause I’d like to apply.

Best size for a Labbit?
Is Volkswagon a good unit of measure?  I like em all so it would be hard to pick a favorite size.  Though I do love the size of the carded ones cause they leave me extra room to buy even more.

What would a Labbit’s presidential campaign slogan be?
I thought there would be hamburgers.

Toy Viking you so silly!

Thank you again to The Toy Viking for reviewing our wonderful world of Labbits.

To see more of the Labbits and full reviews, head over to the Vikings site at and bring some toys for the kitties to play with!


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