August 07, 2009

Swizzy Talks Kidrobot with Me

Submitted by Garrett Trobaugh

Ok KR fam, I’m from Houston, Texas. I take a yearly trip to NYC to visit some family that live uptown.

So me and the family are enjoying our time in Time Square. My little brother decides he wants to visit the vast Toys R’ Us. So we go inside and we travel up the 3 story toy land. And who do I see shopping toys with his son? Mr Swizz Beatz himself!

Thing is, I honestly had no clue he had anything to do with the Kidrobot. While I’m decked out with the KR hat and shirt, haha, I snag a picture with him and he starts talking to me.

Swizz- “I see you wearing the Kidrobot”

Me- “yeah mann im in love with it!”

Swizz- “you know im a part of that?”

Me- “woah, what really? this is my favorite brand!”

Swizz- “yeah man”

Yeah that’s the story, short and sweet!


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