March 01, 2010


MUNNY Multicolor Edition

In honor of the MUNNYWORLD MUNNY Multicolor Edition‘s arrival on February 18, Kidrobot is featuring great MUNNYs of every color of the rainbow on the KRonikle!

Here’s how it works: make a MUNNY you’d like to share with the world and upload it to our MUNNYWORLD Flickr group. We will choose one MUNNYWORLD design from each color of the Multicolor Edition’s rainbow and award a MUNNYWORLD prize pack to the winners and feature their work on Kidrobot’s blog, The KRonikle!

To enter, make a MUNNY, BUB, RAFFY, TRIKKY or ROOZ that’s predominantly Violet, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Teal or Blue. Photograph and upload your MUNNYWORLD creation to our Flickr group by 3/2/10.

Remember, in order to be considered for a prize your entry must represent just one of the colors of the multicolor edition rainbow. (It’s fine to have some other colors on your design, but we’re not looking for “rainbow colored” designs. That’s why we’re choosing 7 winners, one for  each color of the rainbow!)

Got an idea for a great MUNNYWORLD design? Get to work and enter by 3/2/10!

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