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Product Preview. MarvelxKidrobot. Marvel Labbit!

Labbit dives into the Marvel Universe on a conquest of domination. Naturally attracted to the baddest butt-holes around, Labbit becomes one with the most wicked and sadistic supers. A mix of super-villians and antiheros, these Labbits are the ultimate smorkin’ machines. ‘Nuff said.


Labbit is a great host. Black as death with wide spidery eyes, ferocious fangs, and psychotic tongue, Venom Labbit is pure 7-inch vinyl evil. Only the butt-hole can resist. Some things are too good to go bad.

Labbit suits up starting July 18. Venom Labbit retails for $49.99 US

Snikt! Engineered to kill. Destined to do good. This beer drinking, cigar smoking, 7-inch vinyl Logan Labbit is finished with a nasty attitude and rad adamantium colored claw.

The claws come out July 18. Wolverine Labbit retails for $49.99 US

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