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Product Preview – 7-inch TRIKKY, MUNNY, FOOMI & RAFFY

MUNNY and your favorite MUNNYWORLD characters are now 7-inches tall! Packaged in a closed box with one mystery accessory, practice sticker, and “Hello My Name Is” card, the new MUNNYWORLD figures are bigger and better than ever. Scribble on TRIKKY, create SiaMUNNY twins, craft a two-headed octoped RAFFY monster, or build a FOOMI army! Or… you could get just one, cherish it, and save the rest of your money for a leopard-print jetski. Arriving at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com and select retailers April 12, the new 7-inch MUNNYWORLD figures retail for $19.95.  Make your world into MUNNYWORLD!!

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