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Pro-Series Category Reveal for MUNNYMUNTH!

An Exciting MUNNYMUNTH Reveal!

This year we are stoked to announce a new MUNNYMUNTH category!

“PRO-SERIES” will be lead by our featured, Pro-Series and Kidrobot artists and is open to all professional artists! If you make a living off of your art and want to have a friendly challenge, then this is your category! There is no theme, no limits and no perimeters. It is your art, your interpretation… Of course those of you who want to take on the challenge, we will not stop you! Just know, votes will be based on a pro-series level.

Featured Artists:

Tristan Eaton

L’Amour Supreme

Jon Paul Kaiser

Annie Preece

Scribes Walk

Sergio Mancini

Thank You X

40 Threads

Joseph Martinez

Devin Liston

Carson Catlin


Louis XXX


To enter into the “Pro-Series”, or any other category, go to our Facebook and click on the MUNNYMUNTH badge (or click on this link http://bit.ly/14SCQR9) for details! The Challenge ends at Midnight on May 31st!

Stay tuned for more exciting MUNNYMUNTH reveals and news!

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