August 11, 2011

Kidrobot For Swatch – Worldwide Schedule of Events

The worldwide launch of the highly anticipated Kidrobot for Swatch collaboration is rapidly approaching! To celebrate this innovative pairing of artist watches and matching Dunnys, Swatch is hosting events in 11 countries around the globe, featuring Kidrobot artists: Frank Kozik, MAD, Tara McPherson, Jeremyville and Joe Ledbetter.  The festivities kick off in Shanghai August 18, and dot the planet through September 20. Spread the word around the world and prepare yourself… This is going to be HUGE!

Shanghai, China
August 18
Swatch Art Peace Hotel
Featuring Frank KozikMAD and Tara McPherson

Tokyo, Japan
August 20
Shinjuku Beams Japan
Featuring MAD & Frank Kozik

Hong Kong, China
August 22
Swatch Lee Garden Road Shop
Featuring MAD

London, England
August 24
London Swatch Store
Featuring MAD

Liverpool, England
August 25
Liverpool Swatch Store
Featuring MAD

Amsterdam, Netherlands
September 5
Concrete Store
Featuring TILT

Milan, Italy
September 8
Store Via Montenapoleone
Featuring Jeremyville

Basel, Switzerland
September 8
Featuring TILT

Paris, France
September 13
Espace Feaubourg
Featuring TILT

Madrid, Spain
September 13
Edifico Hermanos Lamarca
Featuring Tara McPherson

New York, USA
September 16
5 Avenue Swatch Store
Featuring Frank Kozik and Jeremyville

Lisbon, Portugal
September 20
Swatch Store Gaia
Featuring TILT

October 1
Swatch Lee Garden Road Shop
Featuring Joe Ledbetter

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