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Fan Friday: Marya from the Philippines

TGIFF, and yes the extra “F” is for FAN!

Back at ya with another world edition of Fan Friday where we showcase our much loved Kidrobot fans from all over the world with their amazing collections!

This week, we journey to the Philippines to view Marya’s stunning collection along with some of her traveling Dunny images! She even wrote us telling about herself, and we too are always thinking/procrastinating for the perfect display case.

“I am collector of dunnys and fatcaps since 2012. I have a blog about my toys, i take them whenever I travel. I have not displayed them yet, they are kept in dry boxes, because i still have not designed the space in our house for my collection. Also right now i don’t like the idea of them gathering dust or people touching them. lol!  I already have about 440+ toys, still adding up because i have not updated my rotocasted library yet so i don’t know the exact figure. My husband has complained about them being kept in boxes and told me that i cannot buy anymore if i don’t bring them out. That’s why i startedI bring my toys with me when i travel and shoot in situ and have a tumblr blog about it also so i can show to my husband that I am “playing” with them. lol”


Now check our Mary’s collection and a few travel pics!


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If you want to be part of Fan Friday just email us at kidrobotblogsubmit@gmail.com with images!

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