June 23, 2011

Dunny Series 2011 Is Now Available!

You better make room in your collection, Dunny Series 2011 is here! Featuring 18 designs from 15 inspired artists, 2011’s curation is killer – thanks to styles by KR vets Aya Kakeda, Chuckboy, Huck Gee, Kronk, MAD, Dirty Donny, Mister F®ame$ and Mishka, and debuting designs by deserved artists and customizers such as Squink!, 64 Colors, DrilOne, Elphonso Lam, Le Merde, Travis Lampe and Betso, 2010’s MUNNY MUNTH winner.  Whatever your Dunny bent, Series 2011′s got you covered.  $9.95/blind box (£7.90 UK; 9.20€ Europe).

Find your nearest DS2011 Trading Party and Release for tonight on our worldwide Google map.


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