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Dunny Hunt ’09 NYC Winners!

Dunny Hunt '09 NYC Winners

Thanks to everyone who played Dunny Hunt ’09 NYC! Dunny Series 2009 officially goes on sale tomorrow morning, but Kidrobot stores and many other stores that sell Kidrobot products are throwing trading parties tonight!

And now, congratulations to the biggest hunters out there!

Here’s who won:

Grand Prize

Elaine L – Complete Set of Dunny Series 2009

Runners Up

Mei L – Amanda Visell Wood Donkey Dunny 8-inch
Rafael M – MAD White Ape 3-inch Dunny
Rob B – Frank Kozik Dunny Series 4 Golden Ticket Dunny
Lemuel M – Nightmare in Jeremyville 8-inch Dunny
Bas P – Kidrobot Gloomy prize pack
Jenny B – Andrew Bell Series 2009 Dunny
Megan S – SupaKitch Series 2009 Dunny
David B – PON Series 2009 Dunny
Amy N – Brandt Peters Series 2009 Dunny
Piyamon P – Dalek Series 2009 Dunny
Peter C – Gary Taxali Series 2009 Dunny
James L – Huck Gee Series 2009 Dunny
Nate T – Thomas Han Series 2009 Dunny
Patrick S – @my Ruppel Series 2009 Dunny
Rob Y – Kronk Series 2009 Dunny
Weyao L – Shawnimal Series 2009 Dunny
Michael C – Mr. Shane Jessup Series 2009 Dunny
James B – Devilrobots Series 2009 Dunny
Steve S – Luke Chueh Series 2009 Dunny

Dunny Hunt '09 NYC Aftermath
And for those who didn’t find all the virtual Dunnys, have at it!

Every Dunny Hunt ’09 NYC Code

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