August 10, 2010

Daily Dunny 2010 – Day 10


UPDATED: 8/11/10

Only 8 days remain until the explosive launch of Dunny Series 2010 on August 19. There are over 75 launch parties taking place all around the world and everyday until then Kidrobot is revealing a new photo of a design along with a contest. The Daily Dunny for Day 10 of the DS 2010 countdown is designed by Amanda Visell.

Contest: What is the state flower of where Amanda Visell lives?

Enter to win a $100 Kidrobot gift card. Email the correct answer, your name and mailing address to by 11:59 pm PST tonight to enter the drawing to win.

Congratulations to Jesse R.You won a $100 Kidrobot gift card.

The correct answer is the California poppy (Eschscholzia californica).

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