January 13, 2016

Yummy World XL Plush is Back!

Kidrobot’s YUMMY WORLD brand brings delightful life to baked goods, fruits and beyond with signature “googly” eyes and dashed smile. While the YUMMY WORLD brand is undeniably cute, it also has depth and range: soft enough for your nephew’s crib, friendly enough for your mom’s keychain, hip enough for your best friend’s closet, and stylish enough for your modern couch.

We are excited to announce the return of our Pink XL Donut Plush, Sandy XL Ice Cream Sandwich Plush and the Large Coco Hot Chocolate Plush! The Pink XL Donut Plush retails for $49.99. Sandy XL Ice Cream Sandwich retails for $49.99. Large Coco Hot Chocolate Plush retails for $29.99. All are available now on Kidrobot.com!

polyester-yummy-world-sandy-extra-large-plush-2_grande copy

polyester-yummy-world-sandy-extra-large-plush-1_grande copy 2 polyester-yummy-world-pink-donut-extra-large-plush-1_grande copy polyester-yummy-world-coco-large-plush-1_grande 2


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