March 09, 2010

Vertigo Graffiti at Pinkghost – 3/20

March 20, 2010, 7pm
1888 Polk Street
Hollywood, FL, 33020

The crew of savage graffiti artists known as the Vertigo Graffiti Collective will migrate to South Florida to display their artist message in an exhibition at pinkghost.

This group of artists are pioneers of Graffiti in Colombia. Having 13 years of tagging several Colombian cities, they now come to Pinkghost to display their work internationally for the first time. The artists part of Vertigo Graffiti are DEXS, TOXICÓMANO, GRIS, OSPEN, ZAS, ECKS, YURIKA, CAZDOS, & GAMMA. Check out a true Colombian Graffiti Installation.

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