October 10, 2011

The Cult Yard Schedule of Events For NYCC 2011

New York Comic Con 2011 is this week (October 13-16) and in order to make every art nerdโ€™s adventure that much easier, Myplasticheart has taken the liberty to compile a listing of all the releases, signings, exclusives and vendors for our unique little corner of the Con called The Cult Yard. For all you NYCC attendees be sure to swing by booth 879 and give the MPH dudes a high-5 for their massive effort in keeping us all informed.

In alphabetical order:

1XRun โ€“ Booth 874

FOOX Large Size Chinese Money (purple rabbit)

Friday 10/14
1pm โ€“ FOOX

Alpha Godz Entertainment โ€“ Booth 780

Room 909, Edward St. Hubbins Resin figure (2 colorways) โ€“ $275

Argonauts Resins / Big Kevโ€™s Geek Stuff โ€“ Booth E7

Releases- Saturday 10/15 and Sunday 10/16 2 โ€“ 5pm only
Pharoah Hound resins โ€“ TBD
Leopard Tuttz minis โ€“ TBD
Mini El Diablo and Vlad โ€“ TBD
Jelly resin โ€“ TBD
Bat-Tuttz and Jelly-Robin resin โ€“ Ltd to 12, Regular Sets $40, Chase Sets $50
Bat-Tuttz and Jelly-Robin NYCC poster โ€“ Ltd to 30

Art Whino โ€“ Booth 889

Angrywoebots โ€“ Print on Paper, Ltd to 30, $50 : Print on Canvas, Ltd to 25, $150
Jim Mahfood โ€“ Print on Paper, Ltd to 30, $50 : Print on Canvas, Ltd to 10, $150
J*RYU โ€“ Print on Paper, Ltd to 30, $50
kaNO โ€“ โ€˜The Subterraneanโ€™ Print on Paper, Ltd to 30, $50 : Print on Canvas, Ltd to 10, $150
Lamour Supreme โ€“ Print on Paper, Ltd to 30, $50 : Print on Canvas, Ltd to 10, $150
Lou Pimentel โ€“ โ€˜Madonna and Childโ€™ Stormtrooper Print on Paper, Ltd to 30, $50 : Print on Canvas, Ltd to 25, $150
Pixel Pancho โ€“ 3 Prints available, Print on Paper, Ltd to 30, $50 : Print on Canvas, Ltd to 5, $150
Marka27 โ€“ Print on Paper, Ltd to 30, $50 : Print on Canvas, Ltd to 10, $150
Skinner โ€“ Print on Paper, Ltd to 30, $50 : Print on Canvas, Ltd to 10, $150
FOOX โ€“ Chinese Money Sheets (Small Edition) โ€“ TBD

TBD โ€“ Foox

Friday 10/14
3pm โ€“ Pixel Pancho, Angrywoebots
4pm โ€“ J*RYU
5pm โ€“ Lou Pimentel

Saturday 10/15
12pm โ€“ Marka27
1pm โ€“ kaNO
2pm โ€“ Lโ€™amour Supreme
3pm โ€“ Skinner
4pm โ€“ Jim Mahfood
5pm โ€“ Angrywoebots, J*RYU, Pixel Pancho

Baby Tattoo Books โ€“ Booth 582

Clutter Magazine โ€“ Booth 583

NYCC Lana Crooks Coralmari plush โ€“ Ltd 25, TBD
NYCC Pete Fowler Toy King Vinyl @ Concrete Bar Thurs 10/13 โ€“ Ltd 50, TBD
NYCC Pete Fowler Toy King Print โ€“ Ltd 50, TBD

Daibot and Ponda Posse โ€“ Booth 579

Bitsumo Resin figure Original โ€“ TBD
Bitsume Resin figure Dark โ€“ TBD

Dumbrella โ€“ Booth 788

Oh No Sashimi Red Snapper Edition Debut โ€“ TBD

ESC Toys โ€“ Booth 781

Copper Crow Crow Bear โ€“ Ltd to 30, $70
Little Axe Ginger Green โ€“ Ltd 15, $175
Pinnola Warhol โ€“ Ltd 25, $125
Yarn Shroom Poison Fang โ€“ Ltd to 15, $40
Wet Suit Maria Moon Jumper Edition โ€“ Ltd to 50, $40
Turtum Micci Gang, Various Editions โ€“ $20
ESC Mini Prints โ€“ $5
ESC Crow Cards โ€“ $3
Pinnola โ€“ TBD
Turtum Micci โ€“ TBD
Steff Bomb x ESC Plush โ€˜I think youโ€™re Soopaโ€™ Plush โ€“ Ltd 15, $45

Friday 10/14
1pm โ€“ Erick Scarecrow

Saturday 10/15
1pm โ€“ Erick Scarecrow
3pm โ€“ Steff Bomb

Greg and Fake โ€“ Booth 979

Rick Ross Plastic Cat resin โ€“ TBD

Jared Deal (Carnival Cartoons) and Dream In Plastic โ€“ Booth 789

Albino Vlad Plush โ€“ TBD
Regular Vlad Plush โ€“ TBD
Trouble resins โ€“ TBD

Kidrobot โ€“ Booth 774

Yankee Pig Dog 7โ€ณ Labbit Biological Warfare Edition by Kronk โ€“ $70
GID Blanka โ€“ $12
GID Dead Kenny โ€“ $12

MAD, Friday, October 14, 12-2pm

Lulubell Toy Bodega โ€“ Booth 589

Rampage Toys Ugly Unicorn Mini โ€“ Ltd to 5, TBD
Paul Kaiju custom Seagool โ€“ TBD
Paul Kaiju custom Boss Carrion โ€“ TBD

Mimoco โ€“ Booth 775

Mishka NYC โ€“ Booth 680

myplasticheart โ€“ Booth 879

Matt Sirenโ€™s Ghost Girl Glow โ€“ $60
Kazuhiro Koguma โ€“ $18
Guilty As Charged Pork Dumpling mini vinyl โ€“ Ltd to 50, $12
Brent Nolasco Custom Leroy C. Lava/Toxic editions โ€“ Ltd to 9, $80
Wheelbarrow NYCC exclusive text_r series customs โ€“ Various
Jeremiah Ketner Urchin Print โ€“ Ltd 30, TBD
Mariangela Tanโ€™s Blind Bagged Rabbit Racers โ€“ $34
Jester/J6Global GibbyGop and BissyGop print โ€“ TBD
Jester/J6Global GibbyGop and BissyGop booklet โ€“ TBD
MPH Exclusive kaNO Dragon King G.O.D. โ€“ Ltd 75, $70
Colored DIY 3.5โ€ณ Teddy Troop Blind Box โ€“ $7
Sketchbot Variant 5 (Red) pre-release โ€“ $35
MADโ€™s Mork Prisoners 816 and 913 pre-release โ€“ $65 each, $120 set
Milton by Oliver Hibert pre-release โ€“ Ltd 200, $65
Humprey Mooncalf Entertainer Edition by Doktor A pre-release โ€“ Ltd 100, $95

Friday 10/14
11am โ€“ Steve Talkowski
12pm โ€“ kaNO
1pm โ€“ Andrew Bell
2pm โ€“ Lou Pimentel
3pm โ€“ Shawnimals
4pm โ€“ MAD
5pm โ€“ Jeremiah Ketner

Saturday 10/15
11am โ€“ Jon-Paul Kaiser
12pm โ€“ Brent Nolasco
2pm โ€“ Matt Siren
3:30pm โ€“ kaNO
5pm โ€“ MAD

12pm โ€“ Oh No Doom!
1pm โ€“ Wheelbarrow screenprinting demo

Onell Design โ€“ Booth 578

Plastic City โ€“ Booth 676

Shawnimals โ€“ Booth 581

Crime Scene Pork Dumpling mini vinyl โ€“ Ltd to 50, $12
Ninjatown Zombie Ninja Darkness Edition plush โ€“ Ltd to 50, $40
Pocket Undercover Ninja Flying Devil Edition plush- Ltd to 20, $25
Pocket Stash (handmade) โ€“ $7
Mustachio plush (handmade) โ€“ $20

Sidekick Labs / Art Hustle โ€“ Booth 578

Free NYCC 2011 Trading Card

Friday 10/14
3:30pm โ€“ kaNO
4pm โ€“ Mr. Toast

Super7 โ€“ Booth 688

Halloween Rose Vampire DX โ€“ $65
Vanilla Filled Oatmeal Foster โ€“ $25
Comic Version Yellow Taoking โ€“ $95
100% Rocking Out Le Turd โ€“ $35
Midnight Craving Patty Power โ€“ $35

Tara McPherson / Cotton Candy Machine โ€“ Booth 875

Tenacious Toys / Toy2R โ€“ Booth 876

Jon Paul Kaiser Captain Sturbrau Silver/Black โ€“ TBD
Plaseebo Molezilla โ€“ Ltd to 5, $100
Plaseebo Night Gamer Tron Series โ€“ Ltd to 5 each colorway, $150
Rampage Toys Ugly Unicorn 10โ€ณ figure โ€“ TBD
Plaseebo x BadApplezInc Space Junk Destroyer NYCC โ€“ Ltd to 5, $220
Exclusive Organ Donors Keychains
Various artist customs for sale

Friday 10/14
1pm โ€“ RSIN and Matt Anderson
3pm โ€“ Mr. Munk
4pm โ€“ Nasty Neil and David Foox

Saturday 10/15
11am โ€“ JC Rivera
12pm โ€“ Jon-Paul Kaiser
2pm โ€“ Jason Freeny
3pm โ€“ NEMO, Osiris Orion, Plaseebo

Sunday 10/16
2:30pm โ€“ Nathan Hamill

ThreeAToys โ€“ Booth 883

NYCC Choose Life Zombie โ€“ $90, released 10/14 1pm and 10/15 3:30pm
NYCC exclusive print โ€“ $40, released 10/14 1pm and 10/15 3:30pm

Tokidoki โ€“ Booth 870/972

Pre-release Royal Pride set โ€“ Ltd 500, $25
NYCC Tokidoki Captain America cap โ€“ $40
Blank Unicornos โ€“ $5
Blind Silver Unicornos โ€“ $10

Limited to 60 tickets per day per session
At Metro PCS Booth
10/14 Friday โ€“ 2:30 โ€“ 4:30pm
10/15 Saturday โ€“ 3:30 โ€“ 5:30pm

At Tokidoki Booth
10/15 Saturday โ€“ 11:30am โ€“ 1:30pm
10/16 Sunday โ€“ 2:30 โ€“ 4:30pm

Toy Tokyo โ€“ Booth 976

FUNKO Tupac vinyl โ€“ Ltd 200, $25
MINDSTYLE NYCC Knicks NBA Collectors Figure โ€“ TBD
NYCC Four Horsemen Outer Spaceman Color Variants (2) โ€“ TBD
NYCC Joe Ledbetter Play Imaginative Zodiac Print โ€“ TBD
NYCC Black Asia Minigod 6โ€ณ- Ltd 100, $40
Black Asia Minigod 15โ€ณ โ€“ TBD
Pushead Releases โ€“ TOP SECRET!

Thursday 10/13
4:30pm โ€“ Joe Ledbetter

Friday 10/14
12:30pm โ€“ Joe Ledbetter
3pm โ€“ Marka27
4:30pm โ€“ The Four Horsemen
6pm โ€“ Jon Paul Kaiser

Saturday 10/15
12pm โ€“ Joe Ledbetter
4pm โ€“ Pushead

ToyQube โ€“ Booth 880

Deep Sea Dracula Daywalker Edition โ€“ Ltd 50, $65
3โ€ณ Resin Baby Sharkys, Grey and Black โ€“ $30

TRAMPT โ€“ Booth 981

TBD โ€“ Ajee


NYCC Events

Thursday 10/13

Concrete Bar
NYCC Opening night party

Yoyamart Cookie Dream Babo Exclusive Signing with David Horvath โ€“ 6 โ€“ 8pm

Friday 10/14

Cotton Candy Machine
Circus Posterus Gallery Show Opening Event featuring Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak and Travis Louie
Opening Reception 7 โ€“ 11pm

Kaiju Big Battle
261 Driggs Ave
Brooklyn NY 11222
$18 Adv, $20 Day of Show
Purchase Tickets Online here.

Saturday 10/15

Cotton Candy Machine
Cherry Vinyl featuring Lulubell & Friends one day event.
Opening 7 โ€“ 11pm

Artist Fight Club: Live Art Battle
At Identity Lounge
511 East 6th St. (between Ave. A and B)
$5 at the door 21+ ID
Begins at 8pm


Once again, Thank you to My Plastic Heart for all the hard work. Please make sure you tell them thank you when you are at the Con!

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