February 07, 2012

The Art Of The Bone Yard Project

Where good airplanes go to die, great street artists go to create. In Tucson, Arizona, the Pima Air & Space Museum recently opened Return Trip: Art of the Bone Yard Project. Originally conceived in 2010 by Eric Firestone and curated by co-organizer Carlo McCormick This unique art exhibition features the work of some of the best urban contemporary artists as they revitalize WWI aircraft with a fresh coat of color and creativity. The first installment of the Bone Yard Project, Nose Job, opened last summer with customized nose cones by a couple dozen graffiti artists. The second part which recently opened exhibited fresh murals on DC Super planes by Andrew Schoultz, How & Nosm, Nunca & Retna, a C45 by FAILE, and a C97 Cockpit by Saner. More 3D metal canvases were painted by Aiko, Peter Dayton, Futura, How and Nosm, Mare, Tara McPherson, Richard Prince, Lee Quinones, Saner, Kenny Scharf, JJ Veronis, Colin Chillag, Crash, Daze, Daniel Marin Diaz, Tristan Eaton, Jameson Ellis, Ron English, Faile, Eric Foss, Mark Kostabi, Lisa Lebofsky,  El Mac, Alex Markwith, Walter Robinson, Hector Ruiz, Randy Slack, Judith Supine, Ryan Wallace, and Eric White. The Art of the Bone Yard project will be on view through May 31.

Get more details at Eric Firestone Gallery and PimaAir.org.

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photos via TheFlopBox & Eric Firestone Gallery

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