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Thank Meg for 10% off all Labbits with code!

Our favorite Rooster Teeth host, cosplayer, youtube star, gundam lover, and Labbit fan, Meg Turney just posted an amazing discount code for Labbits on her twitter account!

Now if you don’t know Meg, you have probably seen her at a cons in all her cosplaying badassness, as a youtube sensation, OR her recent photoshoot with Playboy that featured a four-legged friend of our’s. Thanks to Meg dropping the doe, Labbits are 10% off!

Now the details:

Duration: Running now through 7/12
For use on Kidrobot.com
10% off on Labbits! (does not include the stool)
Now go check out our friend Meg Turney

Thanks Meg!



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